Notability is here!

Harold L. Richards Tech Coach Page

Notability is finally here! For those of us who don’t know, Notability is a powerful note-taking app, but it’s also a great tool for PDF/document annotation. Our district has purchased licenses for our students and all teachers. Here are some of the features that come with this powerful app:

  • Handwritten as well as typed notes
  • PDF annotations
  • Drawing
  • Highlighting
  • Recording audio (teachers explaining processes or students explaining their thoughts)
  • Inserting and annotating photos
  • Creating figures with shape tools
  • “Sticky” notes
  • Inserting and annotating web site screenshots

It also integrates really well with iTunes U and Google Classroom.

Here’s a tutorial on the basic features of Notability:

We’ve seen Notability used in a few 1:1 districts and it was used as a key process in their workflow. Training students to use Notability as a means of interacting with documents in your course is pretty simple, and once they set it up…

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