4 Classroom Management Tips in the 1:1 Environment

Harold L. Richards Tech Coach Page

One of the biggest problems teachers have when transitioning to a 1:1 program is dealing with distractions and classroom disruptions. Often, this can feel like yet another stressful thing piled onto your full stress plate. It is important to remember you are not alone in dealing with this issue! There are Big Brother-esque solutions (where you can monitor student usage, i.e. Apple Classroom, Nearpod, Classkick, etc.) out there, and we will be exploring those as soon as they are available, but for now here are a few tips for dealing with the distractions that come along with the 1:1 environment.

4. Recognize that they WILL be distracted


Here’s the thing. Before we had iPads in our classrooms, kids were distracted. Even before every kid had a phone in their pockets, they found ways to doodle and pass notes (heck, we were probably one of those kids at one…

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